Summer’s over! Time to go back to school and hit the books! Contact us in regards to our SCHOOL YEAR TUTORING PROGRAM!

Need a School Year Tutor?

We are ready to help your child maintain good grades all year long! We have the time and knowledge to help your child with their homework after school!

ENROLL NOW for our School Year Tutoring Program!

Our School Year Tutoring Program is 9 months of one-on-one tutoring sessions two times a week for 50 minutes each beginning September 10, 2012! Normal price per session is $50.00 each. If you purchase the 9 month package, tutoring sessions are only $45.00 each.

Mail or fax back this printed sheet with your registration fee of $100.00 or contact us at (757)428-3367 for more information!


The Learning Resource Center 2012-2013 School Year Tutoring Program

Registration Form

Client’s Name: ________________________________________

Parent(s) Name: _______________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

Subject(s): ____________________________________ (Up to two)

Home # _________________________

Cell # _________________________

Times Student is Available: (9AM-7PM)

(Not all subjects are available at all times)

M/W or T/Th ___________________ 1st Choice

M/W or T/Th ___________________ 2nd Choice

M/W or T/Th ___________________ 3rd Choice

(Please circle either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday)

Method of Payments (Check or Credit Card)

Check # ________ (Please make all checks payable to LRC)

Credit Card Type: Visa or Mastercard (Circle One) Credit Card #__________________________ Exp Date: _______________ Payment Amount: _______________

I am enrolling the above client in the designated session. I understand that all fees are non-refundable.

Parent Signature: ______________________________ Date: ________________

Registration Fee and first monthly payment must be paid prior to the first tutoring session in order to reserve your child’s spot.

Mail with payment to:

 The Learning Resource Center

935 FirstColonial Road

Virginia Beach,VA23454